Friday, 20 April 2012

Making Lipstick

Hi everyone. I know that I haven't posted anything for like ... well... ages.  I can only make super sincere apologies and hope that I will be forgiven.

Good news is that I've had a go at something new (new for me anyway).

I made some lipstick! Yay!!!!!! It really is quite nice too. It feels really creamy but not greasy and it has some staying power too.

For the colour I used a combination of colorona bordeaux mica (a lovely rich red) and some iron oxide. I had read somewhere that mica by itself in lipstick creates quite a sheer finish but some oxide powder gives the final colour some depth. I suppose it also matters how much mica you use aswell.

Well here it is....

And here is how it looks on some lips. I will post the recipe later on.